Blind & Shade Repair Shop

Our retail location in Portland, Oregon can help you to get your repair handled locally, inexpensively and quickly so you can get your blind back in the window where it belongs.

Our Shop Hours:

Monday 10-4:00                

​Tuesday 10-4:00

Wednesday 10-4:00

Thursday 10-4:00              

Closed Fridays and weekends.

503-718-7125   Call or Text  -  Due to the nature of our operation, it is often difficult for us to answer the phone.
Before calling, please read through the information on our website.  If you still don't find the information you need, reach out to us by phone call or text message.  You will need to leave a message and wait a day or two for a call back.
Texting (with supporting pictures when relevant) or emailing will usually get a quicker answer.

If you don't find what you need on our web-site, take a couple pictures of your product and email them to us or text them to us with your inquiry. 

The pictures really help us better understand your particular product variation and usually lead to a much quicker answer / solution.
A picture is worth a thousand words - but don't forget to include your name.